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Magnetic Water Vortexers —

The latest project I have completed and the first official offering from Kustom Radiant Technologies has arrived in the form of Magnetic Water Vortexers.

Magnetic Water Vortexers in Six Different Colors

Collect Them All!

SOLD OUT!!! (stay tuned for the next generation of water treatment technology)

Structured water research of Viktor Schauberger.  A principle of coherent self-organization may also be involved, along the lines of the 1977 Nobel Prize awarded to Ilya Prigogine.

This is identical to the “Original” structured water device that is used by “Joe Cell” and “Moe-Joe Cell” inventors to create highly energized water for their HHO cells.

The amazingly powerful yet simple Magnetic Water Vortexer is one of the most interesting and entertaining devices for creating energetically structured water. Use it for structuring your drinking water, preparing magnetically charged water for specific science projects, and even for watering your plants!

The enhancement is achieved through several related principles, including but not limited to structuring the water through vortex action, the application of rapidly alternating magnetic fields, and by concentrating ORMUS in various water samples.

One of my favorite uses is to put a drop of Sole made from sun-dried Sea Salt, a squeeze of Lime juice, and a healthy dose of MSM in a litre bottle (33.8 oz.) and implode the mixture into a high energy drink.  The Breakfast of Champions!

Drinking good quality water is essential for maintaining good health. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj points out in his book “The Body’s Many Cries For Water” that most people in this day and age are chronically dehydrated. People in general do not drink enough water. This in itself can cause or contribute to a multitude of diseases and ailments.

Many people find vortexed water much nicer, more pleasant and natural tasting. Therefore, people are more inclined to drink enough water to stay hydrated. One of the most common testimonials from customers is that since getting the Magnetic Water Vortexer they are actually enjoying drinking water again. Many customers have reported an improvement in their existing condition, better quality of sleep, and more energy.

Plus there is a significant difference in the way the water tastes and feels before being spun versus afterwards.  Most people report that the spun water is slightly sweeter and more effervescent, and seems to be easier to drink.

Theory: The Magnetic Water Vortexer operates on the principles of Magnetohydrodynamics. By treating the water magnetically, this may effect the ionization process. By reversing the polarity of the ions at the molecular level, it also may reduce surface tension and inhibit growth of bacteria. Even wine enthusiasts are now using magnetic collars to improve the taste of wines!

It has been determined that water has a memory. Thus, water has an ability to store and share information, both healthy and unhealthy. According to the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, even when water has been purified, it can still contain electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances.

The theory of Water Memory Transfer was established by the late Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize for Biochemistry. In 1999 scientists at the European Union Physics Lab, in France, were able to prove that water transfers memory via covalent bonding.

By implementing technologies that have electromagnetic influences on water, it is possible not only to erase information from harmful substances, but also to induce positive frequencies into the water.

The Magnetic Water Vortexer transfers its own natural vibrational imprint onto any water. This means that any imprints from chemicals or toxins found even in purified water may be erased, and the new natural pattern of vortex magnetic implosion energies are applied. The users intention may also play a very powerful role in the re-patterning process.

A stacked array of Magnetic Water Vortexers

You can link them together due to the alternating magnets!

The covalent bonding of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom forms the water molecule (H2O). To complete its outer shell, oxygen needs two electrons, and it obtains these by sharing an electron with each or two hydrogen atoms. These bond to the oxygen atom to form a triangular structure. This shape is important because it forms the basis for many of the solutions and compounds that support life.

Hexagonal water molecules also have a unique bond angle which allows for straighter, stronger bonds.The figure below shows that regular tap water has a bond angle of 104.5 degrees between hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Hexagonal water has a 109.5 degree angle – a wider angle which creates a 3-dimensional pattern. This is considered the “perfect” tetrahedral angle for water where each water molecule serves as the donor and the acceptor of 2 electrons.

The bond Angle of a tap-water Molecule is 104.5*.

The Bond Angle of a Tap-Water Molecule.

A water molecule’s covalent bonds are polar in that the bonded atoms share electrons, but the electrons are attracted more strongly to the oxygen nucleus than to the hydrogen nuclei. This creates a small positive charge near the two hydrogen nuclei. Clusters of water molecules form because the positive charges of the hydrogen atoms are attracted to the negative charge of the oxygen atoms from other water molecules.

Water Clusters

Water Clusters

It is well known that such hydrogen bonds play important roles in many biological compounds, and is essential for maintaining the shape of large molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids.


Hexagonal Water Crystal Structure

The Hexagonal Structure of the Water Crystal

The pattern or clustering of water is evidenced by the ability to photograph a crystal formed by the water. A crystal is a solid substance with orderly-configured atoms and molecules. In addition to being in snow and crystallized quartz, crystals are also seen in natural minerals such as diamonds and table salt.

Hexagonally Structured Water repels contaminants.

When a water molecule crystallizes, pure or “natural” water becomes pure crystal, but contaminated, chemically treated “dead” water may not crystallize in the natural tetrahedron.

Unstructured Water holds contaminants in suspension.

Unstructured Water can hold contaminants in colloidal suspension.

Structured water crystallizes in the same manner as “natural” water.  It is only hexagonally structured water that the body can use to hydrate the nuclei of the cells and is essential in certain enzymatic processes.  Unstructured water does not hydrate the human body on the same cellular and molecular level as is achieved through hexagonally structured water.

Hexagonally Structured Water Cluster

Hexagonally Structured Water Cluster

The hexagonal structure is easily destroyed by environmental contaminants and modern water treatment processes, which is the reason most water has few hexagonal units.

The importance of Magnetism:
The human body is an electromagnetic organism. All the cells have two magnetic poles, north and south, in their DNA. Electricity flows through the nerves in our bodies the same way electricity flows through an electrical wire. The body’s magnetism comes from two sources: 1) magnetism from the Earth’s magnetic field, and 2) magnetism produced through metabolism within the cells in the body.

The Earth’s magnetic field has been found to be decreasing at a significant rate – a total 50% decrease in the last 500 years. These findings suggest that this phenomenon may be the cause of many of people’s most common ailments such as discomfort, stiffness, stress, and fatigue.

Magnetism is also produced inside the body, yet the magnetism made internally by the body (through oxidation) is not adequate to sustain life. Humans, therefore, have a definite dependency on magnetism from an external source. Since the Earth’s magnetism is rapidly decreasing, it is important to find ways to recharge ourselves – such as by drinking magnetically energized water.

Only Hexagonal Microclusters can inter into the human cell.

Only Small Structured Microclusters can enter into the nucleus of the Human Cell.

Water gives the body power, by generating electrical and magnetic energy inside each cell – making magnetism a key factor in water’s degree of function in the body. When water is exposed to magnetic fields, the molecules reduce in size and also align and assume a hexagonal structure (a more stable water molecule). Also, the surface tension of the water is lowered, helping it to purify the body, increase vitality, and stabilize the structure and composition of the cells. Also, magnetized elements in water attract and absorb toxins from the body’s cells so they can be flushed out before they become destructive.

Scientific Evidence of the Magnetic Effect
The use of magnetism to revitalize and purify water is not new. Ancient Romans were among the first to utilize the Earth’s magnetic properties with their aqua ducts designed to purify and revitalize water. Some recent innovators have confirmed the health benefits of magnetic therapies and uses, including Johann Grander, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, and Walter Rawls, Jr. PhD.

Of the many scientists who have studied and tested magnetic water treatments, Dr. Gerhard Pioch, an Austrian researcher, focused on magnetized water and its effects on human health. He reported that residues from poisonous chemicals, heavy metals and harmful substances in the human body most commonly are of negative polarity and are not eliminated from the body. Dr. Pioch discovered that chemical wastes in the body are washed out by using magnetically-treated water. Contaminants deposited into the body, such as medications, fertilizers, food-borne chemicals, pesticides (including traces of DDT) and heavy metals are neutralized by the magnetized water treatments.

Another scientist, Dr. Albert Roy Davis spent many years finding ways to demonstrate how water is transformed by exposure to magnetic fields. He published his research results in Anatomy of Biomagnetics in 1974, and other researchers later confirmed and completed his findings. They showed that magnetically treated water affects the human body when taken internally and regularly for a considerable period of time. Also, when water is magnetically treated, more hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form alkaline molecules and reduce acidity. Neutral water has a pH level of about 7, whereas magnetized water tends to be more alkaline. His research has shown that the following phenomena can be observed after water has been magnetized:

  • Increase in hydrogen ion activity
  • Decrease in water weight
  • Decrease in quantity of nitrogen dissolved in water
  • Increase in the number of crystallization centers


The Magnets: Six ultra-powerful cylindrical neodymium magnets are aligned in a rapid field reversing array, with alternating polarity designated by nickel-plated and gold-plated magnets (on versions 2.0, 2.1 only). The magnets are inlayed in a hexagonal pattern based on sacred geometry and the form of liquid crystal water molecule clusters.

The six strong magnets combine with the vortex implosion energy to restructure the water into a more coherent state. The shape of the water as it spins through the Magnetic Water Vortexer follows the harmonic phi-ratio spiral space curve.  There has been much research done on the effects of combining a focused magnetic field at the point of maximum implosion in a water vortex by people such as Dan Winter.

Golden Ratio Spiral Curve

The Golden Spiral formed by Phi Ratio Geometry

The Importance of the Vortexing Influence:
“Everything in the universe is spinning. Instead of fighting nature, work with nature because it is highly successful at producing a serious amount of energy. Attach your technology to it and you will have very very large capacity to do things which seem like miracles today.” – Nassim Haramein, The Resonance Project

Spiral movement is a prerequisite in all living systems, and these spirals of energy lie at the heart of nature. They allow sap to rise, drops to form, shells to emerge, and threads of DNA to open and close in response to information transmitted by moving cellular water. Healthy water naturally forms spirals as it flows. Spiral movement is present in the natural flow of water in rivers, streams, and the ocean, in the human circulatory system, and in the planetary movements in space. These vortices act as powerful resonant structures, energizing, oxygenating, purifying, and ionizing the water as it moves.

The inside layers of water in a vortex flow much faster than outer layers. In a vortex, the speed multiplied by the radius is a constant. Theoretically, this means that the velocity at the center of a vortex is infinite. As the forces in a vortex approach infinity and as layers expand and contract, hydrogen bonds in the water molecule begin to stretch. This opens the molecular structure of water for a constant interchange and exchange of electrons. As hexagonal structuring increases, the water’s ability to carry vibrations and frequency information also increases.

Vortexing water activates, vitalizes, and helps the body prevent disease – this makes it a very important influence to achieve the maximum healing effects of pure water. Though most filtered water is usually chemically clear, it is dead compared to water in rushing brooks which spins as it flows. By applying the vortex effect, we are energetically cleaning the water and incorporating oxygen into the water – just like it happens in nature. As in nature, the pressure of this centripetal inner-winding vortex assists water to change, transform and renew itself. This vortex action also erases harmful vibrational frequencies, such as those found in chlorine, fluoride, PCB’s, and to eliminate bacteria, parasites and any other toxins.

Evidence of the Vortexing Effect:

“Comprehend nature, then copy Nature.”- Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958)

    The qualities of vortexed water were best described by Viktor Schauberger, a brilliant Austrian inventor and naturalist. He established solid evidence of the huge difference between “dead water” and “living water.” “Dead water” is still water such as bottled or distilled water. Living water, as he taught, is like the water found in springs and rivers that forms spirals and vortices as it flows causing higher zeta potentials (life force), higher ionization, oxygenation, kills parasites and bacteria, as well as raising the body’s electron count.

Further research was recently done by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon of Korea. He showed that in a vortex the inner layers of water flow much faster than the outer layers, and that the velocity at the center of the vortex is infinite. The hydrogen bonds in the water molecules begin to stretch as these layers expand and contract. This opens the molecular structure of water for a constant interchange and exchange of electrons. As hexagonal structuring increases, the water’s ability to carry vibrations and frequency information also increases. Dr. Jhon understood the importance of this vortex effect to restructure water.

Scientists have discovered a direct correlation between the Bovis scale and the direction of spin displayed by an atom or molecule.  Atoms registering in the negative Bovis range will spin to the right, or clockwise.  Atoms in the positive Bovis range spin, to the left, or counterclockwise.

Examples found in nature of this spin properly include cellular DNA, which is a left-turning spiral:  in contrast, cancer cells are in a right-turning spiral.

Researchers are now discovering that imploding water at a high rate of speed through a rapidly reversing magnetic array may concentrate ORMUS, or M-State materials which are thought to be very beneficial and related to White Powder Gold. You can read more about on the Yahoo Ormus Group located HERE. David Hudson used the acronym ORME to refer to Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements which he patented in 1989.

Further, magnetic fields are also known to reduce the surface tension and viscosity of water. Studies have shown that magnetic treatment of water can alter the effectiveness of certain types of bacterially mediated oxidation of pollutants.


  1. Fill one bottle 2/3 full of water and set on table. Screw on the Magnetic Water Vortexer. Turn the second bottle upside down and screw into the top half of the Magnetic Water Vortexer.

  2. Invert both bottles and hold the bottom bottle with one hand and spin the top bottle with your other hand a few times. This will create a nice vortex in the top bottle.  Most people suggest a left-handed or counter-clockwise spin, although not everyone agrees on this.

  3. Repeat the previous step three to five (or more) times.

  4. You can also experiment by alternately rotating the bottle clockwise and then counter-clockwise which some believe may erase any negative imprints in the water structure in the same manner that magnets can be used to erase credit cards and magnetic audio/video tapes.

  5. It is often asked, which water bottles work best? Almost any standard water bottle works just fine, however, we have found that Perrier bottles and Mountain Valley Springs bottles are ideal in shape and thread pattern to produce a perfect water vortex. Plastic bottles form a better seal, while glass bottles reduce the amount of xeno-estrogens present in the water sample.

  6. It is recommended to use freshly gathered spring water in your Magnetic Water Vortexer.  In the absense of such pristine water, Reverse Osmosis or Deoionized waters also work well, especially if re-mineralized with sun-dried Sea Salt, MSM, Shilajit, Ormus, Crystal Energy or your favorite water-boosting supplement.


What are the proven health benefits of hexagonal water?
“…Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease”.–Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

Recent scientific studies have proven the many health benefits of magnetic water to be true. Researchers include Dr. Mu Shik Jhon (1932-2004) of Korea. During his career, Dr. Jhon received more than 30 honors and awards, including the Grand Science Award and the Presidential Award of Science (the highest scientific award in Korea). He spoke or presented papers at over 250 scientific gatherings and is recognized for his work on the Theory of Liquids, The Structure of Water, The Properties of Electrolyte Solutions, The Properties of the Hydrogen Bond, Statistical Mechanics, Chemical Rate Theory on Polymers and Quantum Chemistry.

Dr. Jhon’s book The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, summarizes his 40 years of research, which shows that hexagonally-structured water is associated with:


  1. Greater energy
  2. Rapid hydration
  3. Heightened immune function
  4. Better nutrient absorption
  5. Longevity
  6. Weight loss
  7. Greater metabolic efficiency
  8. Greater overall health

Other findings show that hexagonally structured water assists with:

  1. Enzyme activation
  2. The efficient removal of toxins
  3. Super cellular hydration and overall body revitalization;
  4. Increased oxygenation at the cellular level
  5. Electron-rich free-radical neutralization and cleansing

Dr. Jhon’s research has helped us to understand why hexagonal water is energetically more powerful than unorganized water.  Water releases a considerable amount of heat as it freezes. This is why many farmers mist their crops to protect them from damage during frost. He explained that hexagonal water had a higher specific heat value than normal water. Consequently, it has a greater capacity to perform work, to absorb temperature changes, to expel wastes and to protect the body from energetic disturbances. It also supports the production of healthy DNA and stores more energy in the body, which enhances metabolic efficiency in the body. He showed that the amount of energy/calories that hexagonal water can store/transfer is measurably greater than unorganized water.

His research also revealed that hexagonally-sized and shaped molecules going into cells were much easier assimilated, bringing in nutrients to the cell and flushing out toxins and keeping the body’s cells hydrated, which is the key to health and vitality. He learned that by freeing the hydrogen component of water, you are allowing the energy in the water to be utilized.

The amount of hexagonal water in the body has been correlated with aging. When babies are born, he explained, they are full of this hexagonal water; and as we age, it depletes fairly rapidly. He also found that hexagonal water forms the initial layer of water surrounding healthy cells, while unorganized water surrounds diseased and abnormal cells.

Dr. Jhon’s research showed that the structure of the water within the human body was significant around proteins and especially around DNA.  He found differences in the structure of the water surrounding healthy and diseased DNA, and verified the existence of greater numbers of hexagonal units in association with healthy proteins. According to Dr. Jhon,“…when the structure of the water near cells is compromised, the cells are more vulnerable to external stimuli. Ultimately, cells surrounded by less structured water are weaker and more prone to malfunction and genetic mutation.”

Beyond these important scientific contributions, Dr. Jhon was one of the first to document that drinking hexagonal water could improve the functioning of the human body.  He showed that drinking hexagonal water improved food transit time through the colon, reducing constipation and bowel discomfort within weeks.

His research focused on several of the factors that participate in the creation of hexagonal water.  He and others identified the importance of magnetic and electric fields, the role of minerals and the impact of temperature, the significance of the vortex/spiral effect, and movement and pressure on the structure of water.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon will forever be remembered in the scientific community for his numerous contributions.  But for those of us who are able to drink hexagonal water on a daily basis, his contribution to our understanding of the structure of water is invaluable.

Recommended Readings about Water:

  1. Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution, by MJ Pangman, M.S.
  2. The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon
  3. Slim Spurling’s Universe, by Cal Garrison
  4. The Healing Energies of Water, by Charlie Ryrie
  5. You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! by F. Batmangheldj, M.D.
  6. Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by F. Batmangheldj, M.D.
  7. Living Energies, by Callum Coates
  8. Magnetism and Its Effects On the Living System, by Albert Roy Davis, M.D. & Walter C. Rawls, Jr.

There may be some minor white marks or scuff marks on the plastic which are artifacts of casting, drilling, and packaging.

Sold as a “Spiritual Device” only. No medical benefits are claimed or implied.

As with all homeopathic or naturopathic approaches to healing and wellness, the degree of health improvement is based on your individualized cellular system, your personal lifestyle and habits, and any existing health conditions or diseases.  I have personal experience, and am convinced that magnetically structured water is one of the safest and most effective roads to lasting wellness. This energizing system alone is unable to perform any miracles in your personal healing process. It can, however, act as a tool that will support and strengthen medical treatment and possibly make future care unnecessary.

Protocols you and your health care practitioner have established should by all means be maintained. Share this with your doctor, your family, your friends, and all those that support you on your personal healing path!


Version Changelog:

1.0:  Original handmade batch using brittle translucent vortexer grommets with sloppy measurements and bad drill jobs.  Were lost in a trunk at a music festival.  Now they are purported to be highly collectible.

2.0: First batch using gold-plated magnets alternating with the nickel-plated magnets to designate the alternating magnetic polarization.

2.1:  Improved gluing technique, resulting in a cleaner finished product.

2.2:  Gold-plated N42 grade magnets replaced with stronger gray-colored N52 magnets.  Still in alternating pattern with N42 Nickel-plated magnets.

2.3:  All N42 Nickel plated magnets were used.  Alternating field still maintained.

2.4.  All N52 gray-colored magnets were used.  Alternating field maintained.  Strongest arrangement yet.  I may stick with this model for the time being.

2.5  All N52 magnets, gray color.  Shorter couplings for a tighter seal.

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